Enzan's Brother Edit

Wynncraft Wiki Summary Edit

Enzan's Brother is an easy level 1 quest.

Preview Edit

This quest introduces the player to the concept of Powders. As the player navigates to the east exit of Ragni, the player encounters Enzan, a retired knight who has a brother named Therck. To transform the player into an adventurer, Enzan sends the player to meet an annoyed Therck in front of the Nivla Forest. At the end of the quest, Therck will give the player 1 note able to be exchanged for a free powder of your choice.

Stage 1 Edit

» Talk to Enzan close to the exit of Ragni.


  • Enzan: I see you want to venture into the wilderness!
  • Enzan: My name is Enzan, and I am now a retired knight. I've spent most of my life fighting for Ragni's army, just like you.
  • Enzan: I know how hard it must be to be recruit at this time, so I got something that could help you! Well, I don't have it, but my brother does!
  • Enzan: Follow this road, he's at the entrance of the Nivla Forest, you can't miss him.
  • Enzan: Tell him I sent you! He can be such a jerk to strangers sometimes...

Stage 2 Edit

» Find Enzan's Brother Therck at the entrance to the Nivla Forest to complete the quest.


  • Therck: Can't you see I'm busy?
  • Therck: Oh, my brother? Sorry, I didn't know.
  • Therck: Why yes, I actually have something that could help you...
  • Therck: Take this note. Bring it to the merchant right behind you.
  • Therck: He owes me some favors. So, he will exchange it for a magical powder of your choice.
  • Therck: Now, you'll need a Powder Master to apply powders, but there's one at the end of the forest...
  • Therck: So... eh, you can't miss him. You're probably headed through the Nivla Forest now, aren't you?
  • Therck: It's a bit dangerous, but the big city of Detlas is past there, so good luck going through!

Wynnguide Summary Edit

Stage 1: Edit

  • It is reccomended to grind along the way of going to Therck. Once you reach at least level 3 or 4, you will be able to do more quests like Prison Story.
  • Don't Be Greedy. If you grind, you will most likely gather lots of level 1-3 zombies to follow you, before killing them off. But if you catch sight of a level 7+ mob and/or a projectile mob, kill off your group immediately.

Stage 2:

  • If you trade Therck's Note for a powder, be wise about which one to choose. If you choose a powder with an element barely any mobs have, the powder won't buff your attack/protection much. It is reccomended to choose an element like Earth or Fire.
  • You may notice, once you get into the level twenties, that certain powders have certain tiers. A tier 6 is the best of them all. You may also notice that powders drop from mobs, and once you complete the quest, The Relic Shrines, they also come from Relics scattered around Wynncraft.
  • Don't waste powders. Even if you're level 90 and you have a tier 1 powder, do not throw it away. Even if it isn't a big buff, the least you can do is have a little buff on your weapon.

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