Wynncraft Wiki Summary Edit

King's Recruit
Quest Info
Difficulty Medium
Location Ragni
Level 1
Reward As follows
  • 60 Experience Points
  • 14 Emeralds
  • 1 Ragni Teleportation Scroll
  • Access to the Province of Wynn

The King's Recruit is the starting quest for Wynncraft. It is a brief tutorial that introduces players to the basic concepts of the game.

Stage 1 Edit

 » Talk to the Caravan Driver. Edit

 Location   Fruma   X   -1579   Y   51   Z   -1623 


  • Caravan Driver: Finally, you're awake! Everyone already went on ahead.
  • Caravan Driver: This is as far as we go, right to the border.
  • Caravan Driver: The King is waiting for you in Ragni. That gate marks the entrance to the Wynn Province, so the castle can't be too far from here.
  • Caravan Driver: I heard it's a dangerous road to the castle, but fortunately you're armed.
  • Caravan Driver: Sorry we couldn't take you all the way, here is a partial refund for the journey. Use it to buy yourself some armour.

Stage 2 Edit

» Head along the path towards the castle.


  • Ragni Knight: Get to the castle, we'll handle all of these undead!

Stage 3 Edit

» Enter the castle.


  • Ragni's King: I see you've arrived safely, new recruit. Excellent, come and talk to me for debriefing.

Stage 4 Edit

» Talk to the King.


  • Ragni's King: You must be the last recruit! Finally nice to meet you. What did you say your name was?
  • Ragni's King: What a peculiar name. Anyway, welcome to the province of Wynn!
  • Ragni's King: This is the noble fort of Ragni, one of the oldest and most influential cities in the province!
  • Ragni's King: Your job as a soldier of Wynn is to stop the growth of the monsters that are ravaging the province.
  • Ragni's King: You might want to train a little more before hand, though. Many lives are lost everyday...
  • Ragni's King: ... Anyway, good luck! If you are lost, use it is very useful if you don't know where to go.
  • Ragni's King: Take this [1 Ragni Teleportation Scroll] too! It will bring you back here if you use it.

Trivia Edit

  • Of all the quests, this is the one you are required to complete.
  • After entering the castle you can no longer access the tutorial area unless you create a new character.
  • After the Jungle Update, players were reverted back to the tutorial area as a result to the map update.
  • Due to the location of the tutorial area, it is unknown whether or not the area is apart of the Fruma or Wynn provinces.

Wynnguide Summary Edit

Stage 1: Edit

  • Use all of the passive mobs around you as an opportunity to level up.
  • This stage of King's Recruit really doesn't need any tips, just grind, grind, grind!

Stage 2: Edit

  • Along the path to the castle are many NPCS.
  • One of them will say that a crazed villager lives in the cave next to the NPC. Kill the villager! Put him out of his misery, and gain EXP along the way.
  • While following the path, you should see a dead end. Talk to the NPC, and then find the old tree on the side of the ravine. Finally, push the button on the tree.
  • A NPC says that you are required to have a helmet to go into the mine. If you've been grinding, then you should have enough emeralds to buy a helmet from the nearby merchant.
  • (Risky) Free the knight, but find an area where you can grind the zombies without knights killing them.
  • (Safe) Free the knight, and run to Ragni.
  • Note that the cave goes in a U-turn fashion, so after you get into the open space, turn left.

Stage 3: Edit

  • Well... I guess, welcome to Wynncraft!

Stage 4: Edit

  • You've done it! Now have fun!

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